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Actividades únicas en Condado de Istria

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Recorrido nocturno en kayak por Pula
Experience a unique guided tour at night with a transparent kayak equipped with multicolored LED lights on the bottom. Look through the bottom of the kayak to admire the nocturnal marine life of the Adriatic. This tour is suitable for everyone, including people who never tried kayaking. Meet us at the Verudela resort area where you will be introduced to the theory and techniques of kayaking, and the rules of conduct on the tour. After that it's time to set off on your nocturnal sea kayaking adventure! Transparent bottom of the kayak equipped with LED lights will allow you to peak into the sleeping underwater world of our amazing Adriatic sea. Most of the time we will kayak near the coast, at sea depth around 4 to 8m so that you can watch everything that is going on at the sea bottom. Our tour guide will take care that you have your lifetime memories saved as pictures and videos from our tour. Imagine that you have a huge snorkelling mask but you don't have to get wet to observe what is going on under the sea - this is the feeling at our transparent kayak tour Don't forget to look up at the starry sky!
Explora las cuevas y las bahías turquesas de Pula en kayak
Maximum number of people is 6 so that you can fully enjoy the experience and that we can get to know each other as friends. Our 3h tour starts with safety rules and basics of kayaking which will help you to easily paddle the whole tour. Together we will explore and enjoy in: - Hidden Secret Canyon lagoon: its only reachable from the sea, here we will take a brake for guided snorkeling in shallow water and exploring the lagoon. - SeaGull blue cave: I will slowly guide you through entrance of the cave with our kayaks and headlights. There is a beach inside of the cave where I will place our kayaks. Here I will make some amazing pictures of you and talk about the history of the SeaGull rocks - Blue Lagoon: with kayaks placed on the beach we will have 1 hour for relaxing, getting to know each other, swimming in the turquoise water and guided snorkeling in shallow water. I really care about personal approach to people on our tour. Infinite love for the ocean and making new friends all over the world are the main reasons why I love kayak tour guiding and commit myself 110% into it.
Aventura en barco para hacer snorkel
I'll take you on the snorkeling boat trip to the Muzil peninsula, an ex-military area, which is accessible only by sea. Before jumping in the sea, the snorkeling gear and a short briefing with few basic safety rules and snorkeling tips will be given. I'll lead you snorkeling around interesting and unique underwater rock formations and teach you how to make surface dives and reach the seabed. There we’ll be looking for many types of underwater plants and animals, including colorful fishes and marine species like sponges, sea urchins, starfishes, crabs and many others. I'll show you how to look for the holes and try to find octopus inside, or search for small creatures like nudibranchs and seahorses in shallow water along rocky coastline. You'll have possibility to get close-up view of all creatures I find and to learn about marine life. I'll take amazing underwater photos of you while snorkeling. After the snorkeling part I'll take you on a panoramic cruise where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Pula's rocky shoreline and impressive cliffs. Ice-cold soft drinks and refreshing seasonal fruits will be served during the cruise. Through this experience guests will learn snorkeling techniques and interesting facts about Pula’s history and ecology, above and below sea surface.
Aventura en kayak por el mar con parada en una cueva
On this 3-hour, small group Kayaking Adventure tour our friendly guides will take you on a FUN filled paddling to the Pigeons cave and Muzil peninsula where you'll explore sea cave and underwater world just a few feet under the surface. - Enjoy kayaking in small group, max 12 kayakers - Explore beautiful coves & hidden beach by kayak - Snorkel into sea cave & search for amazing underwater creatures - Find out FUN & interesting facts about Pula's history & ecology - Get amazing underwater GoPro photos - Refresh with Ice-cold soft drinks & seasonal fruits during the tour
Recorrido en kayak entre cuevas
In the morning hours, we meet at Jistra Adventures base at Stupice Camp, where we will have an introduction to kayaking, as well as aspects of the sea and the mainland life related to this unique Istrian landscape. After that, we start our Kayak Tour with some light rowing, and in 45min we will be rewarded with an exceptional view of the high cliffs and sea cave, which conceal an enclosed oasis. Here, at the deep south of the Istrian Peninsula, lies Velika Kolombarica. After swimming through a sea tunnel and entering the cave, we will see a turquoise light shining upon millennial rocks, turning the clear sea into a natural pool (during the high season period there is possibility for crowds). On our kayak tour we can go snorkeling and explore the blue underwater world, meet the fish living in these interesting depths, and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Here, Istrian nature shows off all of its beauty on our kayak tour. Surrounded by both high and low cliffs, adventurers can try their luck in jumping from the rocks, having fun until our kayak tour returns to the camp. All you need is a big smile on your face and the Kayak Tour day becomes unforgettable experience.
Descubre el mundo del aceite de oliva orgánico
I will introduce you to the world of organic olive oil production. You will experience the whole process how is produced one of the best olive oil in the world (FLOS OLEI-from 2013 to 2022, BIOL 2017-best croatian organic olive oil) from visiting the olive groves and getting acquainted with the world of olive growing, to the professionally guided olive oil tasting in our tasting room. Since I'm a Chef, I will teach you how to combine different sorts od olive oils with different food.
Paseo al atardecer y recorrido gastronómico
Hike and gastronomic tour near the village of Stinjan (6 km from Pula). We start from the Punta Christo Quarry and we explore Fort Monte Grosso. Then we proceed to the other hidden forts. It's an easy 5km walk with a 45 minutes break for our gastronomic experience. The whole trail is in the shade and is an ideal walk for hot summer days. Our guide serves you local and tasty food and wine after which we have a 15 mins walk back to the starting point.
Una giornata dedicata al mare, allo snorkelling e al relax
SNORKELLING TOUR CON LA BARCA Tour in barca di tutta la giornata, durante la quale andremo alla ricerca dei posti più magici dove fare il bagno e dove praticare lo snorkelling. Ci fermeremo a visitare qualche piccola spiaggia raggiungibile solo in barca e passeremo la giornata a goderci il splendido mare della Croazia. A pranzo ci fermeremo sull'isola di Cherso dove visitiamo la pittoresca cittadina di Cres per prendere un aperitivo e verso le 13.30 faremo sosta in un'area naturale, attrezzata per fare la grigliata all'aperto. Dopo aver mangiato, riprenderemo la navigazione facendo ancora qualche sosta per lo snorkelling e per il bagno, in modo da rientrare in porto per le 18.00.
Recorrido por Pula ilustrado con historias
Pula Storytelling Tour 1. Amphitheater 2. St. Theodore Quarter 3. Cathedral 4. Foro Romano 5. Augustus Temple 6. City Hall 7. Punishment of Dirka 8. Basilica of St. Mary Formosa 9. Dante's Square 10. The Arch of the Sergi (Golden Gate) 11. Hercules Gates 12. Porta Gemina (Twin Gates) 13. Zerostrassee 14. Octagonal Mausoleum 15. Kastel Important note: The tour doesn't include entrance to the Amphitheatre - I will explain everything about the Amphitheatre,we will walk around it, but we do not enter on this tour. (If you want to visit the Amphitheatre on your own - tickets are 70kn per person.) But this is not only a history Tour. I will tell you stories and Legends of Pula history: - the love story of Cenida and Vespasian - the legend of the Argonauts - how my grandparents changed 6-7 flags and rullers without ever leaving Istria - Vergarola explosion - Legend how Fairys build the Amphitheatre You will also find out: - why Pula has two city centers - why is Pula a Mediterranean coastal city that is separated from the sea - why is "tapija" one of the most important words in pula slang - why are Croatians more afraid of draft than of coronavirus
A journey through the forest
Please contact me before booking your ride!! Our ranch is situated at 400 m above sea level with an amazing view of the Adriatic sea. This route is shorter than others and lasts one hour. A path runs through the forest around our ranch and is the perfect choice for the people who think that they can't endure sitting on the horse for a long period.
Bebidas locales: cata de vinos y visita a una bodega
We will greet you at the address Kuća vina Ivan Katunar, Braće Trinajstić 3, Vrbnik. First, you will be introduced to one of us, Monika or Egle. You will be sitting on our terrace with a beautiful view of the old town of Vrbnik. We will start with two local wines: Sparkling Žlahtina and still Žlahtina (local dry white wine). While trying these two wines you will hear the story of their production and their differences. After this, we will show you our cellar and explain the process of vinification and wine making in our winery. Since the whole winery is located in the same building, the house where the Katunar family lives, you will also hear a story about them and how they started making wine. After the cellar tour we will return to our terrace where you will try five more wines, some indigenous and some international varities. Along with wine, you will get to try our extra virgin olive oil, which we also produce. We will provide some snacks to go with your wine: homemade cheese, olives and bread, as well as the traditional sheep cheese cake. At the end of your tour, we will offer you to try some of our liqueurs and brandies. Other things to note: The experience is more enjoyable when shared by 2 or more people. Airbnb group may be a part of a larger group of max. 20 people. Our terrace is covered, so the experience won't be affected by bad weather.
Prueba el aceite de oliva, el vino y la comida local de Istria
Escape the crowds! Take the advantage of a small group experience with a local, olive grove visit included. It is a true Istrian farm to table story. We will meet at the olive grove first where you'll get to know all about olives and see various types of our carefully tended olive trees. You will be guests at our family property built in 1899, located on a small hill surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and fruit orchards. We will take you to our authentic Istrian olive oil tasting room where you will be presented with the educational story about the history of olive cultivation and phases of premium olive oil production today. You will hear about our family tradition, harvesting process, year around works in the olive grove, how olive oil is extracted and how it should be properly stored, the evolution from past to today. Proceeding to the charming garden where professional Olivo Istriano olive oil tasting will takes place, followed by a typical Istrian charcuterie board with homemade and local products only such as local cheeses, grandma's ricotta, jam, bread, prosciutto, 2 homemade vinegars,.. Of course, we'll throw in a glass or two of 2 local Istrian wines, olive digestive and our home made elderflower juice. You'll also learn how to taste and distinguish premium and average olive oil. Kids will enjoy the private soccer field, our friendly dog and spacious garden.
Olive oil sommelier to go
Join me on olive oil tasting! Learn how to smell, taste and enjoy different type of olive oil. Tasting is simply a matter of paying attention and becoming more sensitive to the naunces of flavor. The knowledge of sensory analysis is important not only for professional tasters but also for daily olive oil consumers who want to know exactly what they are eating. Make the most of each moment when you travel!
Entre vinos y aceites: recorrido por las bodegas de Teraboto
Tour of the winery with a presentation of the wine snd extra virgin Olive oil production process and tour of vineyards and olive groves with a visit to our kazuns, and the experience of independent manual bottling of wine (bottle filling, stopping, putting caps and labeling). Wine tasting: Teraboto Malvazija Istarska - quality dry wine of controlled geographical origin, Teraboto Merlot - quality dry wine of controlled geographical origin, Teraboto Teran - quality dry wine of controlled geographical origin, Teraboto Muskat - semi-sweet quality wine of controlled geographical origin, Teraboto Vin de Rosa – sweet quality wine of controlled geographical origin, passito - wine from dried grapes...and extra virgin olive oils: busa, carbonasa and a selection of 9 different varieties. On this tour, you will be entertained with a very approachable and easy-going style by discovering the gems of the wine and olive oil production. We will help you to fall in love with our vineyard, olives and the small & indescribably charming city of Vodnjan. You will visit our small family-farm and enjoy wine & olive oil tasting. Moreover, we will provide an exciting experience by tasting our top wines and olive oils, homemade bread, cheese and homemade cured meat products. Gift 1 bottle of wine of your choice.
Clase de cocina: prepara los šurlice de Krk
Als Willkommensgruß auf der Insel Krk werden wir mit Vorspeise beginnen, typisch kroatisches Essen mit einem erfrischenden Wasser mit Mentha aus meinem Garten in der "Villa-Mentha" und dem Inselwein „Vrbnicka Zlahtina“ sowie Käse, Oliven und Olivenöl. Wir werden gemeinsam mit frischem Gemüse und aromatische Kräuter aus dem schönen Garten meiner Familie und wir verwenden natives Olivenöl extra von der Insel Krk kochen. Wir werden viel Spaß beim Kneten und Schneiden verschiedener Nudeln "Surlice", gepaart mit typisch kroatischen regionalen Saucen, je nach Wahl Fleisch oder Meeresfrüchte . Ich werde Ihnen die hochwertigen kroatischen Zutaten vorstellen und Ihnen vorschlagen, wo Sie kaufen können die besten lokalen Lebensmittel. Ich gebe Ihnen Rezepte, die Teil meiner gastronomischen Kultur und meines Familienschatzes sind. Genießen Sie ein besonderes Abendessen mit einem Glas Wein aus der Region "Vrbnicka Zlahtina" auf der Terrasse am Pool mit einer herrlichen Aussicht. Ansonsten zu beachten Bequeme Kleidung und guten Hunger soll mitgebracht werden. Bitte gebe bei der Buchung Menüwahl an Surlice oder Peka.