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Hello! Our family welcomes you to our home in Nashville, TN. We are both transplants to this city. Ken moved here for school. Emily moved here for Ken. Together we have our son Digby. Ken has ... más información

Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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Our favorite Pizza Joint. Take out or stop in for a slice. We love the habanero cream sauce pie - no bacon add capicola. Done and done.

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Delicious Mexican food. They market "no frills" but it is pretty tasty. More so than the traditional over cheesy and greasy Mexican fare. Really really good. The soup is on point as well as the pla... más información

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*****Casual Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch/Dinner**** Marche is an awesome breakfast/brunch spot. French cuisine on the East side of town. The BEST croissant french toast - EVER. Also good for a light lu... más información

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**Coffee/Breakfast/Sweet treats*** If you dig coffee you will absolutely love this hipster cafe spot. The coffee is unmatched in the city. Takes awhile to get your cup so be prepared to wait. Prett... más información

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ICE CREAM. This is a must try. MIC DROP. oh and sample EVERYTHING. They will let you.

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Nice little neighborhood dinner spot. Cozy and romantic.

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Vegetarian Spot. Tasty if wanting/needing a veggie fix. Pretty garlic heavy. No smooching strangers after this meal.

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This is our favorite dinner spot. Perfect for a culinary experience. It is innovative and always on-point. Rolf has delicious food. Plain and simple. Cannot go wrong with anything on this menu. It ... más información

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Iconic dinner spot. Innovative. Culinary experience. We prefer to dine here during spring/summer months as we find their menu to be more spot on. Wonderful service and cocktails. Belly up to bar if... más información

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Delicious East Nashville Ramen and Sushi Joint. Amazing Ramen. Happening spot with a cool vibe. Good cocktails. Reservations needed on weekends.

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Awesome hiking trail minutes from city. Fairly easy walk. Peaceful and quiet.

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******Coffee/Breakfast/Picnic Snacks****** Sweet 16 is a sweet locally owned little hidden spot. The owners are lovely. It is a nice off-the-beaten-path local spot. Good breakfast sandwiches.

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308 has the best cocktails. It is fun to watch the mixologists at work. I prefer the bourbon drinks, but anything made here is tasty. They have some really good bar snacks as well. On some weekends... más información

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Shelby Bottoms is close by. Beautiful. Quiet and quaint. Minutes from the city, yet has the feel of being far away and outdoors. The Nature Center is perfect for children and exploring.

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Good dinner spot. We have had delicious and consistent meals here. Even our picky guests have enjoyed. Good cocktails. Excellent service. Reservations likely needed on weekends.

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Honky Tonkin' on Broadway is a MUST. It is touristy and you will see lots of bachelorettes and stumblin' over-served folks. Can go for mid-day drinks or late night boozing. Day time roof top drink... más información

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**********COFFEE & ICE CREAM************* Nearby coffee and ice cream shop. Local spot. Nothing fancy, but close.

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HOLE IN THE WALL. Good ole traditional burgers with crinkle fries and a side of fried pickles. I do recommend the "special sauce". Other fried goodies here as well. Pabst and other fine draught bee... más información

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Hiking trails. Lake access. BMX course. Beautiful views. One stop shop.

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Casual lunch or dinner. Great burger and salad spot. More fancy than traditional. Lovely outside patio near 5 points. Locally sourced ingredients. Nice drinks and bar. Happy hour :)

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East Nashville's "County Club" equipped with a vending machine and a water fountain. Nothing fancy but quiet and will get you on the golf course.

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Our secret Mexican spot. Nothing fancy. Real deal. Homemade guacamole. Perfect pico. Simple tacos. Cheesy quesadillas (add onions and cilantro). Negro modelos. FYI. No margs. No liquor license.

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Pretty cool spot for some drinks.



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******************CASUAL DINNER******************* TKO is a new restaurant walking distance from our listing. Innovative dinner spot. Off the beaten path.

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Awesome hidden gem. Minutes from our listing. Not many people know about this spot so shhhhhhhhh. Some trails, but can also go off walking in the hills. Cool spot.

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Vintage clothing and accessories by Nikki Lane. Walking distance and really cool finds.