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Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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The best burger joint in East Nashville!

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If honky- tonkin is your thing, Robert's is the place to do it!

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A nearby East Nashville hot spot. Great dinner for special occasions.

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With the best Ramen we have ever had, Two Ten Jack really is the perfect spot for any occasion.

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The Frist is an incredible museum with continuously changing exhibits ranging from vintage cars to Rockwell. Hint: Bank of America account holders can visit for free every first weekend of the month!

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Our favorite day hike can be found in the heart of Nashville's upscale Oak Hill area. The road in passes right by Martina McBride and Jack White's house (that about covers all the musical opinions)!

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You'll find goods and groceries from the Farmer's Market in our cabinet year-round. It's one of our favorite places to spend time.

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If you like riding bikes, or need a great place to run, this park can't be beat.

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One of many of Nashville's great public parks. Catch a free Musician's Corner show if you're here during the season!

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Honky Tonkin' the way it should be. If you're a country music fan and enjoy a good time, this is the place for you!

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The newly built, nearby stadium, home of the Nashville Sounds, is always a good time.

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Nashville-made denim and soft goods. Definitely the coolest store in town.

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Great night life can be found in Five Points.

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Everything you could ask for all in one place. From Nashville's best denim shop to its best burger place to a great community park, 12th South has it all.

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Melissa's favorite place to fill the need of her rarely-occurring sweet tooth! A bit out of the way, but worth the trip.

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Voted Garden & Guns best small town in the South, discover the treasure that is downtown Franklin, TN. If you're here during a festival, we might even share our secret parking place with you...

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Where the magic happens.

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Easily one of most favorite places to visit. If you've got time, and want to explore Nashville outside the lines, visits Leipers Fork.

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An easy-to-get-to spot with great shops and restaurants.

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You've got to love Whole Foods!

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What an awesome, creative community of local Nashville manufacturers and designers! Check it out if you want to know what new Nashville is all about.

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A little-known Nashville store that is always cooler than expected. Visit if you have time and be sure to say, 'hello' to Phillip & Dana for us!


Gruhn Guitars Inc

$$$· 2120 8th Avenue South·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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If you want to see world-class vintage and modern guitars, Gruhn has you covered.


Bloomsbury Farm

9398 Del Thomas Rd·Mapa·Sitio web·

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Our friends own the most incredible organic farm South of Nashville. If you want to learn more, look them up on the web & if you're a true foodie, we'll set you up with a tour of the farm!