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Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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This place oozes with character. If you want to see people getting loose and doing their best version of some country hits come here. Great place to act a fool or people watch.

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Bar with an excellent selection of spirits and cocktails, southern inspired food, pool, amazing views, and bowling!

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Beautiful and very walkable park right off of West End. It includes the iconic replica of the Parthenon. Great for strolling, excercising, taking pictures, or frisbee throwing.

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Go if you can get tickets! I was extremely elated to score tickets to a show. This glorious cafe is a must visit landmark.The club is famous (also featured on the hit show "Nashville") for intimate... más información

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Nice traditional museum with different exhibits. Check the calendar on their website to see what is on the display.

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The experience of the Ryman theater cannot be simply put into words. There is an energy that fills the place. Not sure if it's the history of the legends that have graced this stage or the emotions... más información

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Nice place to get your hike, walk, or just soak in nature. Beautiful lake with landscape virtually undisturbed by pesky humans. Deer are pretty calm and will frolic within feet of you if you are ch... más información

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Must visit this ultra sophisticated speak-easy style bar while in Nashville! It's so classy, they don't have a sign outside. Just very small letters on the door. It's a small bar so there's a hoste... más información

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Perfect place to hear some authentic bluegrass picken away from the noisy mega-honky tonks downtown. Intimate venue with no smoke smell that is much more family friendly (at least for teens) than a... más información

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Coffee snubs will not be disappointed.

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Great price for the bike rentals - $5/60 min & $1.50/30 min additional after the hour if you are not a member. Nice, smooth, clean trail. There are several trials to choose from. Very active park ... más información

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Beautiful landscape. Perfect for a romantic evening or to check out one of their exhibits.

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If you are foodie then this place is definitely worth checking out. Locally sourced eats with a ever changing menu. The views are amazing and if you can get a corner table then you will have an ama... más información

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This place is the perfect venue for an aging concert goer like myself. If you come early, you can sit at a table with service and everything. They get a wonderful and wide range of acts, from up an... más información

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Small venue with great talent. Grimey (owner) somehow finds some of the best local and touring artists around to come and play. Tuesday nights are NEW FACES night. You can see up to 10 acts cover... más información

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What an amazing venue. Intimate feel, great acoustics, full bar. Great place to see a concert. It doesn't hurt I was seeing Stephen Kellogg for the ei

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Nicest shopping mall in the city in my opinion. It has Macys, Dillards, Bannana Replublic, Apple, Nordstroms, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, etc.

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Custom jeans, hats, candles, etc. For men and women. The store has a cool rustic feel to it.

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The Grand Ole Opry is famous for a reason. The Opry hosts numerous concerts a week with big country artists and a live broadcast. They also host comedy shows and other types of events here as well.... más información

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Down a Dark, Shady, kinda creepy alley where it looks like evil lurks in the dark... But Alas... it's just Ambiance! (Actually, it's in what's known as Printers Alley.. you know... where printing ... más información

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All live request show where the crowd dictates what the band plays. Make sure to bring tip money to persuade them to play your jam.

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This used to be a secret spot that my friends and I would go to when we wanted to get away from adults but its not so secret anymore. Still a quiet place to chill, look at the stars, cuddle with th... más información

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Within walking distance! Really good sandwiches with creative toppings. If you are a craft beer person then this is the place for you.

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If you’ve hit the Nashville Flea Market recently, you will notice that the parking lot of Smokin Thighs is packed. It’s located on Wedgewood and professes to have Nashville’s largest selection of m... más información

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It happens once a month but you can do a quick google search to see when it is. Be prepared to pay $5 for parking and to walk a while checking out all the vendors. You can find some really unique l... más información

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Really cool and slightly hippish bar. Great cocktail menu that includes a daily drink special and really good nachos!

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If you are traveling with kids then this is a very educational and fun place to take them. Every other weekend they have stuff for adults like a 1 hour laser show inside this dome. Every show is th... más información

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Replica of the Parthenon. Iconic place to take pictures and take the tour.

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Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar is a bit of fresh air in a see of country western bars. If you love New Orleans, then this place is an absolute must.

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Corsair is currently located in Marathon Village but is planning to open in Wedgewood Houston by the end of the summer. Their huge, 11,000-square-foot facility will be a great draw for the area wit... más información