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Hi! We're Kyle and Lindsey. We moved to Nashville in 2015 and love it so far! Coming from Brooklyn, we wanted a more relaxed pace of life and a yard for growing things and spending time outside. We... más información

Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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Best tacos we've had in Nashville! This is our go-to spot anytime anyone visits. Get the tortilla soup (spicy), the elote (delicious mexican style corn) and a couple tacos and the agua frescas. Che... más información

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Come here if you like sandwiches.

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This is the spot that got East Nashville started. Within walking distance of the house, experience Nashville's trendiest coffee spot! Especially great in warm weather when they open up the garage d... más información

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Robert's is the greatest place to spend a (somewhat rowdy) night in Nashville. It's an old school honky-tonk on lower Broadway. There's no cover, PBR is $2.50 and there are incredible musicians pla... más información

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If you want a trendy brunch, this is it. Pinewood Social is not only a delicious restaurant, but also a bowling alley, a pool, and a social club of sorts. All set up in a former trolley barn. Worth... más información

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Famous old cafe - lots of talented songwriters have played here throughout the years. Lindsey's been obsessed with it since she started watching "Nashville". Oddly located in a strip mall.

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Our favorite place to eat burgers in Nashville! Definitely get the truffle fries. Rumor has it they'll be opening a location really close to the house sometime soon.

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We haven't actually been here yet, but it's supposed to be really cool. Pretty self-explanatory. If you go, be sure to check out Hatch Show Print in the lobby!

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One of the best restaurants in Nashville, to be sure. Not overly expensive but a great date night. This is a MUST DO.

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Another place that’s been highly recommended to us, but we haven’t been! Constantly comes up in recommendations from people who have been in Nashville for a bit – everyone says it’s delicious! The ... más información

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On the list of things to see for us, but The Frist is supposed to be the best art museum around.

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The place to eat hot chicken. Don't be a hero, here - order more mild than you think you need. Beware there might be a long line - we've waited over an hour and a half on a Saturday night (that's h... más información

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Home of the Titans! Who are generally not so good - so if you're in town trying to get tickets, you'll probably have no problem. Right on the river, it's really easy to walk across the pedestrian b... más información

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Ryman Auditorium is the mother church. One of the most storied venues in America, this is one of the greatest places I've ever seen live music (and I photograph music for a living). Definitely high... más información

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Amazing, amazing cocktails. The Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned is a can't miss. Kind of a hard spot to find - it's a speakeasy just upstairs from Catbird Seat. Very romantic - a great date spot!

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We have one good sports team in Nashville and it's the Predators hockey team. This is where they call home and it's right smack in the middle of downtown. Lots of big concerts going through Nashvil... más información

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This isn't just a farmers' market, but it does have great produce from local farms. It's also a food court for interesting local spots - really a great place to spend some time at, and delicious to... más información

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No 308 is one of the first bars we went to when we visited Nashville. Started by a couple that met in room 308 of the Ace Hotel in New York, it feels like a cool Brooklyn bar but without the crowds... más información

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It has some weird hours, so check before you go, but Las Paletas is delicious. Mexican-style fruit popsicles with really inventive combinations. Refreshing, for sure.

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This is Lindsey's favorite brunch spot in Nashville. It's very neighborhood-y, but it's also very small so there's often a wait on the weekends. Really the food is fantastic.

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Best coffee in the city, and we're saying that as people that rarely drink coffee but have lots of expert friends that do. Really cool spot. They have some great pastries as well.

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Just a quick drive (or bike ride) from home is Shelby Bottoms - a huge park with golf, frisbee golf, baseball fields, a nature center and a greenway all along the river that we often go for runs on... más información

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For whatever reason, Nashville has a full-scale replica of The Parthenon. It's kinda weird, but cool. It's right in the middle of Centennial Park, right near Vanderbilt.

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Our favorite dive, bar none.

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Tied with Lynne Lorraine's for best juice/smoothie spot on the east side. Great little pastries as well.

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Definitely a little pricey, but Husk is a fine representation of a southern comfort foodie restaurant. Expect to drop a little cash but your stomach will be very happy. Be sure to make a reservatio... más información

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This is an interesting one. Run by a guy that kinda looks like Santa, this double wide trailer hosts really fun karaoke. Beware - they allow smoking and on weekend nights there is a $5 cover, but o... más información

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Our favorite BBQ place here thus far. That said, we have a lot to try!