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Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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Tacos! Margaritas! A nice patio! What more can you want? Also across the street from Jeni's Ice Cream if you want dessert :)

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Music, good food, good drinks, a variety of places to hang out. This place is fantastic, and one that most tourists don't venture into. Its on Broadway right by the river. Don't miss it. It also ha... más información

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Its a park, but it also has the Nashville Parthenon, and on Saturdays in the summer there is a free outdoor music festival called Musician's Corner

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"Speakeasy" with fantastic drinks. The bartenders really know their stuff.

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Our favorite barbeque in Nashville. Get the brisket if its available. Pork sandwich if not. SO GOOD.

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The food is SO worth the wait, but there will be a wait, so prepare yourself. Luckily, there are some fun shops and games to play while you wait (like cornhole!)

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They have a nice happy hour (M-Th 5-6:30) with great appetizers and cocktails on Thursdays, and then you can walk across the street to Jeni's to get ice cream! Classy, nice place, but very affordab... más información

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Great coffee!

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Another classic Nashville spot.

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Great tacos, great margaritas. Not your typical Mexican restaurant by any means. They have a great vegetarian option too.

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Good food in a really cool Nashville neighborhood

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So much fun! They lock you into a room and you have to complete different tasks in order to 'breakout' within an hour.

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The biggest laser tag arena you've ever been in. Tons of fun for groups or couples of all ages.

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Beautiful rooftop bar with a gorgeous view of the Nashville skyline. Usually have live music as well. Fantastic cocktails!

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Good sushi and Thai food close to our place. Not much atmosphere, but the food is wonderful.

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Your basic Mexican restaurant with delightful margaritas. Also close to our house.