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Muerde, saborea y bebe. Aquí es donde los anfitriones locales de Airbnb dicen que hay que ir para hacerse una idea de la ciudad.

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Local burger. Great burgers, but expect a wait. Best for 2-4 people, not large groups. Order the farm burger, try a Sprecker Root Beer, and get the beer gravy for your fries. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-1... más información

Pretty much one of the most sought-after burgers in all of Nashville, the Pharmacy does everything right. From the killer burgers, fries, and handmade shakes, they also have an incredible lit patio... más información

Top notch burgers and brats, excellent back patio, and house-made sodas. Brian recommends: the Farm Burger. Emily recommends: the Pharmacy Burger and the tater tots.

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The best NY style pizza to be found in Nashville, and quite Possibly the South! Locally owned, this is THE place to order a pie from if you want to stay in and have some pizze. They feature an inv... más información

On Fridays and Saturdays East Nashville’s Five Points Pizza is open two hours later than usual, making pizza lovers on the east side rejoice. The walk-up pizza window is open until 3 a.m. and lets ... más información

The best pizza place in town, located about 8 minutes away. You can sit on the restaurant side or pick up a slice next door. The garlic knots are insanely good and their salads are amazing as well.... más información

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Best tacos we've had in Nashville! This is our go-to spot anytime anyone visits. Get the tortilla soup (spicy), the elote (delicious mexican style corn) and a couple tacos and the agua frescas. Che... más información

Delicious Mexican food. They market "no frills" but it is pretty tasty. More so than the traditional over cheesy and greasy Mexican fare. Really really good. The soup is on point as well as the pla... más información

One should hate hipster tacos out of principle. But you can't hate Mas Tacos because it's really awesome. Fish tacos, fried avocado tacos, and the sopa de pollo are particularly good. Not far at... más información

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Amazing Sandwiches! You really can't go wrong, great deli sandwiches (Turkey Avocado with Bentons Bacon is so good), build your own salad bar and breakfast buffet, beer and Spreckers Soda on tap, p... más información

Need a quick breakfast? Mitchell Deli has a yummy breakfast bar every morning with scrambled eggs, cheesy grits, biscuits and gravy, bacon, french toast, and oatmeal. Also a great salad bar and the... más información

Best deli around. Incredible Turkey Avocado sandwich. Salad bar, breakfast bar(amazing), draft beers, draft root beer. Everything they do is top notch.

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Breakfast at Marche is hard to top. You'll find french toast made from croissants complimented by a nice cup of Thick French coffee roasted by locals. Quiche, crepes, and classics like thick-cut ba... más información

This place serves amazing food all day long (except Monday's when they're closed). From breakfast to dinner, you can hang out and feel like you're actually in a cutesy French bistro with great food... más información

Wonderful French bistro with a great brunch menu. The line here gets pretty long on the weekends, so go early! Brian and Emily recommend: the croissant french toast.

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**Coffee/Breakfast/Sweet treats*** If you dig coffee you will absolutely love this hipster cafe spot. The coffee is unmatched in the city. Takes awhile to get your cup so be prepared to wait. Prett... más información

This is the spot that got East Nashville started. Within walking distance of the house, experience Nashville's trendiest coffee spot! Especially great in warm weather when they open up the garage d... más información

This is the most famous E. Nashville coffee shop, I would say. Besides a variety of delicious coffee drinks to choose from, you can also choose from a variety of roasts. Barista Parlor hosts variou... más información

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We all have our favorite ice cream shops -- this one’s ours. Again, not a cheap place, but the ice cream is world class. And they let you try as many flavors as you like. We’re big fans of the Milk... más información

Don't miss out on the opportunity to sample the dozens of creative and incredible flavors of ice creams at Jeni's. This family owned chain only has a few stores throughout the country and we're lu... más información

Jeni's!!! World class ice cream, mind-bogglingly creative flavors. Milk is sourced from only pastured cows (meaning they live like cows should, eating grass!)

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Winning numerous awards including Nashville's Best Mexican Restaurant and Best Margarita, for the 11th year in a row, Rosepepper has established itself as Nashville's leading tequila bar and restau... más información

Practically crawling distance to the house, which is a good thing once you’ve had a couple of their Margaritas. Fun joint, always crowded, but they serve a full menu at the bar, and you can usually... más información

Great drinks - Mexican-American cuisine, nice shaded patio and multiple salsas! Give'er a go! I love the Chicken Caesar Salad here, I eat it like a lettuce wrap. It comes with pumpkin seeds!

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We LOVE Lockeland - the chef has been nominated for James Beard award a handful of times. Call for reservations or be like us: chance it for two seats at the bar. Great cocktail and wine/whiskey li... más información

Chef Hal Holden-Bache turns out great dinners, night after night, and his Lockeland Table is often overlooked in lists of the city's finest eateries. His wood-fired pizzas are legendary, and the ti... más información

James Beard Award-Winning Chef. Pro tip: Lockeland's Community Happy Hour is amazing. Mon-Sat 4-6pm. Low priced handcrafted drinks and appetizers. I highly suggest the Korean Beef Tacos.

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My favorite location. EVERYTHING is delicious here. "Shook From The Gate" is my favorite drink here. The fried broccoli is my favorite app. This is a really cool place to eat, drink and/or hang out... más información

Pinewood Social is a great spot that offers many things - a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, cafe, bowling alley and even a pool! You truly can go there almost at any hour of the day or night and have... más información

This place has a very social environment. Artisan drinks and food. They also have, bocce ball, vintage bowling alley, outdoor and pool area. A living room area with board games and coffee bar. Very... más información

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Acme Feed & Seed creates a uniquely ‘Nashville’ atmosphere that honors the unparalleled character of the city’s past, present and future. With 22,000 square feet of cocktail, culinary and entertain... más información

Acme offers a little bit of everything: food (casual dining on first floor, sushi/bar on second floor), live music, sports bar, special events, and my favorite - amazing views of downtown Nashville... más información

Level 1 has live bands (house and country), level 2 is more of a lounge with video games and a sushi bar, and level 3 is the amazing rooftop bar with Cumberland views and usually a pop or hip hop D... más información

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Vegetarian without the judgement. Even folks who love cow, will love this wild cow! Tasty, affordable. Best to call in and go pick up. Always a wait bc the food is amazing and seating is small like... más información

Right across the street from RosePepper. Very casual, very good, vegetarian and vegan menu. Always packed. They serve lunch and dinner. We’re big fans of the OG Beans and Greens, the Seitan Tacos a... más información

Must go place for vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten free options. Satisfies tough dietary requirements without sacrificing yummy-ness.

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Go if you can get tickets! I was extremely elated to score tickets to a show. This glorious cafe is a must visit landmark.The club is famous (also featured on the hit show "Nashville") for intimate... más información

Fans of the show may know about the Bluebird Cafe, but the one from the show is a replica built on a North Nashville soundstage. Check out the real deal at the Bluebird's listening room and hear s... más información

This one is very tough to get in to, but is one of Nashville's most famous venues. The Bluebird hosts songwriters performing their original material. We recommend getting tickets if you can, and if... más información

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Everyone wants barbecue when they come to the South! Edley's does a great job of giving you what you want. All the BBQ is delicious and the sides are amazing. Try the black-eyed peas. Everyone also... más información

You may have heard of Jack's BBQ in downtown (which is very good) but my favorite place is Edley's. Try the cheesy grit casserole (my personal favorite) but you really can't go wrong here. They a... más información

Smokiest barbecue in town- try the turkey or smoked half chicken, even if you are a brisket lover. Also, great beer selection, fun place to watch sports, and try a bushwhacker.

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If you fe.el like being "good" you can grab an awesome kale salad with salmon. The marathon burger ( a quinoa/blackbean burger) is my favorite when I'm feeling a non-beef meal. But the Woodstock bu... más información

In addition to really good hamburgers, Burger Up makes a really great Kale salad. Communal seating and a really comfortable environment help make this dining experience unique.Easy walk from our home

This is another really excellent burger restaurant, with great cocktails. We recommend the truffle fries for everyone and the Marathon burger for any vegetarian friends out there.

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Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee bar (They even serve beer!) Amazing food at a good price. Their chai latte is my favorite chai latte I've ever had. Fido is a great spot for even just a midday snac... más información

Fido is my all time favorite coffee spot/restaurant in Nashville. It has been a staple of the Hillsboro Village neighborhood for years and years and continues to serve the best and most inventive c... más información

This is another Nashville staple and was known for a while as somewhere you could spot Taylor Swift. In the hip street center of Hillsboro Village, the wifi cuts out around busy times but who needs... más información

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We have no shortage of coffee shops in the neighborhood, but Ugly Mugs is the best. Great coffee, a nice selection of breakfast sandwiches and pastries and a cool vibe. Frequented by locals for t... más información

Ugly Mugs is our go-to coffee shop for good reason. Jarod & Courtney use another local (Drew's Brews) beans for their coffee and it is the best in town.

Drew's Brews is a local guy that roasts his own coffee beans and a few coffee shops in the area carry his brand. Ugly Mugs is my favorite and has a great atmosphere.

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This is our favorite dinner spot. Perfect for a culinary experience. It is innovative and always on-point. Rolf has delicious food. Plain and simple. Cannot go wrong with anything on this menu. It ... más información

Industrial-chic restaurant with clever New American dishes, communal tables & inventive cocktails. Reservations recommended.

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Chef Tandy Wilson, Best Chef Southeast, James Beard 2016. Consistently delicious Italian-inspired food with Southern ingredients. Wood-fired pizzas, catfish, trout...recently featured on Anthony Bo... más información

Tandy Wilson recently won the James Beard Award and for good reason. City House should not be missed. Ask questions, try a lot of things—that's my advice. Share the classic pork belly pizza, any ... más información

Trendy italian food, wood fired pizza and artisanal cocktails just a short walk from my house! One of the most unique italian restaurants I have ever been to. My favorite is the wood fired Margher... más información

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Izakaya style (traditional Japanese pub) with amazing food and sushi. Starters include gems like the JFC (Japanese fried chicken) and shishito peppers. Excellent sushi and yakatori menu. Garlic noo... más información

This little tucked away Japanese "izakaya" or neighborhood pub, serves delicious food in a "small plates" vein. Think Japanese Tapas infused with southern ingredients. They're known for their rame... más información

Best Ramen in Nashville! Japanese-inspired izakaya (neighborhood bar) serving artisinal ramen, yakitori, sushi, craft beer, Japanese whiskeys, sake & shochu. Bar opens@4, dining @5

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They feature creative folks using local ingredients to prepare original dishes served in a cozy and approachable atmosphere. Frothy Monkey has been a staple in the Nashville community since 2004. T... más información

Frothy Monkey is one of my favorite places for breakfast! They have a great menu for all kinds of diets, as well as a large coffee bar with signature drinks and everything you ca think of! Located ... más información

Awesome wifi cafe - looks like a house. Indoor/outdoor seating. Hip vibe. Great for breakfast, brunch & lunch.. but you can get breakfast all day. Celebrity sitings - all the time!

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Nashville’s most notable contribution to Southern culinary culture, hot chicken, can be found at places that let you choose the level of spiciness of your chicken. Make sure to check out this over ... más información

Hot Chicken is the current craze in Nashville. This is the place for it! Expect a long line if you go there in person. We always call ahead and get for pickup to beat the lines. Once there, you... más información

Iconic "Nashville Hot Chicken". Multiple locations, this one is closest to downtown. Tenders Platter is the way to go. Be warned: Mild is like Medium, Medium is like Hot!

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Pancake Pantry is well deserving of the line that always seems to form out the door after about 8:30 am. Brian recommends: the full stack. Emily recommends: the chocolate chip pancakes.

This is a bit of a Nashville staple and also known for the winding line outside. The line moves quickly though and is totally part of the experience! Great pancakes, good service, and if you get th... más información

If you haven't been to the Pancake Pantry, you have not toured Nashville. Yummy pancakes - great variety. Super long line but goes pretty quickly. Close to many small shops for coffee/ice cream/sho... más información

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Awesome al-fresco barbeque and bar experience. Try the Tuck Special(brisket sandwich, house made spicy pimento cheese, over easy egg, red and white sauce, pickles.) WOAH

Another great local BBQ joint, closer to downtown in the trendy 12 South area. Take a walk and finish off your meal with a Sprinkles cupcake, Jeni's ice cream, or a handmade popsicle at Las Paletas.

3 Miles away. Pretty decent BBQ, but I’m from KY and quite picky when it comes to BBQ so “pretty decent” is about the highest honor you’ll get from me. $10-$15

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For more than 50 years, Vanderbilt University students, downtown office workers, and thousands of other Nashville residents and visitors have made the trek south down Highway 100 to the Loveless fo... más información

Southern cafe with down-home dishes & a country vibe, plus eclectic on-site shops. Best biscuits in town! Located just yards from the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace Parkway, one of America’... más información

The reason people come here is to try the biscuits, but the reason they come back is for the heaping portions of real Tennessee southern food, just like granny made. Anything you can imagine: fried... más información

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When near Bicentennial Mall and the Nashville Farmers' Market, here are our recommendations for some great dishes/items to sample a taste of local Nashville food: Swagruha Indian has the best Mango... más información

This place has fruits, veggies, honey, desserts, meats from local farmers and crafts from local artisans under outside tent. Inside, there are international and local eateries and Indian grocer. ... más información

This is Nashville's largest Farmers Market. I love finding affordable whole foods; and I learn something new every time I go there. Buying local has so many benefits. Shops inside and outside ... más información

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One of the best - and certainly an East Nashville pioneer - bakeries on the Eastside. Ask for "one (or two) to go:" the most amazing cheddar-green chile egg breakfast sandwich on a cheese scone. NOM

They have a breakfast sandwich you have to have.. egg and cheese casserole between a buttery scone.. and if you want more comfort and caffeine order an iced coffee with "crack". Tell Ellen that Aar... más información

Neighborhood bakery featuring scones, muffins, coffee cakes, bar cookies, cookies, cakes and more — baked fresh daily. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and a variety of cold beverages are also available.... más información

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Homemade popsicles cannot be beat—go fruity or creamy, either way you can't go wrong. With classics like watermelon, honeydew, strawberry blueberry and creative options like hibiscus or "hot" choco... más información

An authentic Mexican Popsicle shop that makes mouth-watering fruit and creamy Popsicles from old family recipes. Don’t be afraid to try unusual flavors like avocado, hot chocolate, or cantaloupe!

MY FAVORITE popsicle shop! We've been stopping by here for more than a decade! Tons of flavors and it makes you feel like a kid again, walking in the park across the street or sitting on a bench...... más información

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Must stop while visiting in Nashville! Family Style Dining - you are seated with strangers at a large table and you enjoy a wonderful meal all together - pass to the left please! :) We had so many ... más información

What a great way to meet new folks and enjoy real southern cooking. Family style seating with no ordering required. They just bring out the food and you pass it around like you would at a family d... más información

Southern cooking at its best! All-you-can-eat Southern comfort food served family style at communal tables in a Victorian mansion. Local tip...Midnight Country Breakfast served every Saturday fro... más información

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Nashville restaurants boast a wide variety of cuisines however Eastland Cafe has quickly become one of Music City’s most popular mainstays not only for the exceptional food and fine wine but also f... más información

They have a nice happy hour (M-Th 5-6:30) with great appetizers and cocktails on Thursdays, and then you can walk across the street to Jeni's to get ice cream! Classy, nice place, but very affordab... más información

Upscale but Casual restaurant with locally renowned food and a nice patio area to people watch. The draw here is their happy hour from 4:30-6:30(ends at 6PM Fri-Sat). $3 Beers, $5 wine and cockta... más información