La mejor selección de Tiendas de comestibles en Nashville

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Natural market. The Turnip Truck is Nashville's only full service, locally owned natural foods grocer. Groceries, fresh juices, smoothies, hot soup, salad bar, sandwiches, cold craft beer, free sam... más información

It's like a little baby whole foods only in Nashville! They have a lot of baked goods made locally as well as fresh produce. They have a great smoothie bar as well as fresh salad and hot bar/ so... más información

Fresh, locally sourced and whole foods grocery store. Great options and the produce section changes seasonally because they source many items from local farmers. They also have an excellent meat ... más información

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Our neighborhood grocer. Zig zag back to Old Hickory Blvd, go right, cross the interstate, go about 1/2 mile, just before Gallatin Rd take a right into Kroger for all your grocery needs.

Groceries, pharmacy, wine & beer. They also sell some pre-made foods like roast chicken, sandwiches, etc. Best to shop earlier in the day as it gets crazy busy in the afternoons.

You may want to buy some fresh food and prepare it at home. We have a large fridge and everything you need to cook like you're at home! And who knows? You might "accidentally" crash into Jack White... más información

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Natural market - fresh daily soups - buffet including many vegetarian choices, natural foods, cosmetics, sweets - a bit on the pricy side but you can find good quality here.

Small, natural foods grocery offering local meat, dairy, bread, coffee as well as health and beauty items. They offer a lot of quality items, but selection on some items can be limited.

***just expanded and moved to 701 Woodland Street!*** Excellent neighborhood market with fresh produce, homemade soups, and prepared sandwiches, salads, and juice bar.

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Yummy! You will love this hippie food store! Fresh, organic, natural & tasty with great, fresh meats and produce! Gluten, veggie & vegan friendly options. Salad and hot bar available by the pound. :)

Want Whole Foods without driving to Green Hills? Turnip Truck is a full service, locally owned natural foods grocer with a juice bar, hot bar and cold bar.

This is a healthy - grocery store that sells organic produce, free-range meats, tasty snacks, hot bar, salad bar, deli, juice bar - and they sell essentials plus beer and wine.

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I mean, even just for the free coffee and samples...Trader Joe's 4EVA.

If you're in the mood for a Trader Joes as opposed to Kroger, just continue down the street to the Green Hills area where you'll find the little hipster kids pushing their mini grocery carts and re... más información

Not super close but not super far. If you love Trader Joes, you know they just have some good stuff for cheap, you can't always find!

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Closest Grocery store to the house. If you need one that is open 24 hours, the best one is on Gallatin at Hart Lane listed next. A little secret spot which probably won't be listed anywhere else ... más información

Kroger's is the nearest supermarket to the Condo but there are also more convenient local grocery shops on Church Street at 2nd and 3rd Avenue downtown. Near Kroger's also on Rosa L. Parks is the N... más información

Grocery shopping less then a half mile from the home. They just spent over a million dollars updating this store. It has a pretty decent healthy/organic section.

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Large Whole Foods location with salad bar, restaurant, cooking classes, and a separate Whole Body shop next door.

Whole Foods here is awesome. Sometimes my bf and I have lunch there, after we shop. We also love the Whole Body store across the street from it.

Healthy grocery options, coffee bar, good place to purchase beer/wine. Quick and healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner options.

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Everything you need as far as groceries, red box, pharmacy, salad bar, gas station. Also, they have a GREAT Nature Mart inside for organic grocery shoppers like me!

Right around the corner - they have a great cheese section as well as all of your basic grocery store needs.

Supermarket with deli and bakery options as well as health and beauty. Pharmacy on-site. Open daily, 24 hours

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To get to Kroger go to right from the driveway, turn left on Hart Lane, turn right on Gallatin road and Kroger will be on your left.

There are two Kroger grocery stores on this side of town, this one is the bigger of the two. This location has the meat and seafood department and offers a much larger variety than the other store.

This is our favorite Kroger to go to. There is one closer to the house if you would like but we feel like this one has a better selection and is still only about 5 minutes away.

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The Produce Place is a small natural-foods grocery within a block of our house. It's expensive but extremely convenient. They stock local produce, locally made goodies, and organic staples.

The Produce Place is owned by sweet Dan who started it as possibly the first farm to table neighborhood market (besides the big Farmer's Market downtown) in Nashville (before Whole Foods & Turnip T... más información

A long walk or a quick drive, the Produce Place is our local neighborhood grocery store. They've got seasonal fresh produce, health food and organic foods, locally baked bread, and pre-made meals.

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This is the closest Publix to our house and where I typically buy my groceries.

Turn right out of the driveway and go to the light. Go directly through the light and Public Grocery is on your right.

I prefer Publix to Kroger because of the way the store is displayed, the produce and the overall stocking of items. There is a grocery store (Kroger) which is closer to the house for all small esse... más información

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Closest grocery store--it's a decent one if you need something quickly.

Great deals! Nice organic section.

Closest grocery store to my house.

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Tennessee got wine in grocery stores as of July 1st of this year...ok, so they did already have food and beer, but this is exciting. You can make some spaghetti and pick up some wine to have with it.

Nearest Grocery store to NashVilla. You could walk, but it is probably a 25 minute walk and might be hard to carry back groceries. Driving only takes 5-10 minutes. It is an urban Kroger with ha... más información

This location is excellent but you might appreciate knowing that toiletries & the pharmacy are located upstairs. To access upstairs, there are stairs or an elevator big enough for your shopping cart.

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Publix's first store was located in Lakeland, Florida (my home town). They are know for their friendliness, helpfulness and clean stores.

It is a small shopping center in the "Donelson" area of Nashville. It is away from the Tourist areas so everything is a little cheaper and the shopping center has everything.

Take Briley Parkway to the Lebanon Pike/Donelson exit, turn left at top of ramp toward Donelson/Hermitage. Publix is in the shopping center on your left as soon as you cross over the highway.

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Small Grocery downtown grocery store. It is a few blocks away but a fun walk thru downtown. Parking is difficult.

Best lunch food on the cheap- southern buffet inside the grocery store- meat and 2 sides for $7-$8. No seating inside, but sit across the street at table or stairs in front of the 5/3 building

Closest grocery store, smaller "urban marketplace" that holds the most popular brands and general every day needs, very convenient as it is only 2 blocks away.

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Yes, this is the Piggly Wiggly grocery. Threk has been working there for years...stop in and say hello when you pick up your necessities!

Piggly Wiggly is pretty nearby for your groceries. All your basics like milk, bread and more Plus it's got that cute country feel to it :)

As convenient as it gets. It's on the same block.

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I'm within walking distance to Whole Foods which is convenient for dinner from their food bar or a bottle of wine. :) Other grocery stores within 5 minutes are Kroger, Sprouts & Publix.

3 minutes away. Love the hot bar, sorbet/gelato bar, sushi bar and everything else

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Cheap food staples. Open until 8pm Mon - Sat. They close earlier on Sunday.

Aldi is a small, "not-fancy" grocery store that is a neighborhood favorite of ours. You'll find basic produce, dairy, meat and snacks. The secret has gotten out! They do have "rules:" -Bring your ... más información

You'll need your own bag (or buy one there for .10), and a quarter for your cart. It's a bit of a learning curve, but the best for budget friendly organic food lover

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Moderately priced groceries a short drive from the house.

One of three close grocery stores.

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Standard grocery store. They do have a sushi stand that is pretty good!

Very well-kept store. Gas station available for fuel points members

Health food section, prepared foods, deli and other essentials. Kroger Gas station across street with discount for Kroger customers

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This is an old neighborhood grocery store. Great for basics, but does not offer health conscious options.

Small non-chain neighborhood grocery store. Old school East Nashville.

They don't sell beer or wine, but do sell all the basic grocery necessities except organic food and health food.

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Some organic foods, lots of Gluten free. Great prices, odd selections sometimes, however they usually can cover the basics and more.

Great, affordable grocery store. Owned by Trader Joes, has a lot of the same stuff, including $2.99 bottles of wine!(:

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Great selection, friendly people and quite convenient.

Delicious grocery with ready made meals along with fresh fruits and veggies.

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Be sure you have a quarter if you want to use the shopping buggy! You'll get it back when you put the cart away. This is a great place for groceries on a budget but also great prices! They may not ... más información

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A bit old and frumpy, but the closest grocery store to our house, and ... if you are wanting a T-shirt that says "Piggly Wiggly!

Super close. Handy for picking up that thing you forgot to bring.

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From across the pond and to Lower Manhattan, a new music inspired fashion store ‘Any Old Iron’ opened in the L.E.S , New York 5 years ago to critical acclaim. The first retail store of its kind to ... más información

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Another Grocery store with a pharmacy that is open 6am-12am daily

Closest Grocery store. Their pharmacy is upstairs. Tennessee does not sell wine in our grocery stores. Beer only (limited on Sundays)

Nearby Grocery (Walking Distance)