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Top recommendations from locals

Museo de arte
“The Homeland War Museum in Turanj is the most recent Karlovac museum. This impressive glass construction guards and preserves the original structure of the so-called California building, as well as the arms collection, photographs and various items from the Homeland War (the Croatian War of Independence). A part of the arms collection consists of a unique open-air museum, under the skies that remember all the wars in this area. And there were way too many of them. The history of Turanj is closely connected to the history of the Karlovac fort, as its outpost used to defend the Korana and Mrežnica bridges leading into the town. It was names after the ‘turans’, wooden guard towers erected along the Korana banks.”
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“Now housed in the 17th century baroque palace and former home of General Vuk Krsto Frankopan the city museum houses a permanent exhibition of the history of the city.”
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Galería de arte
“Galerija „Vjekoslav Karas“ sagrađena je 1975. godine u Novom centru. Izložbeni prostor na prvom katu jedan je od najatraktivnijih i najopremljenijih izložbenih prostora u Karlovcu, karakterizira ga preglednost i fleksibilnost. U Galeriji „Vjekoslav Karas“ održavaju se povremene likovne i muzejske izložbe.”
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College Library
“One of the best equipped libraries in Croatia with the employees having good command of English... Everyday kids workshops for all ages... Occasional photo/lyrics exhibitions, public speeches etc. Highly recommended place!”
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