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Esenciales en Kunigami District

“The aquarium is a fantastic place for anyone! You can get cheaper tickets if you visit after 4pm. The aquarium is located in expo park which has free admission and there are many free things to see like the dolphin shows, sea turtle area, manatee pool and a few fish tanks. There is an interesting big room at the end of the aquarium to spend time in which is also free admission. The Expo Park is big and has 2 lovely parks for children to play at. The netted park is particularly fun but be warned that it is closed on rainy days. The other park on the South side takes longer to walk to but is situated next to a little beach which you can’t swim at but can dip your feet into water, look for shells and see a beautiful view of The aqua blue ocean and Ie Island. ”
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Theme Park
“This is a very nice place that reflects Okinawa tradition . You will feel like a time machine brought you back to the old times in Okinawa.”
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“Cape Manzamo is a scenic area and popular site seeing spot located in Onna Village. ☆万座毛は、沖縄県国頭郡恩納村にある景勝地。観光地として大人気☆”
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“Nakijin castle ruins are the historical remnats of Okinawan fortress and designated as a world heritage site.”
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“KOURI island is famous as an island of love. Cross the long bridge and enter the island. The color of the sea is very beautiful.”
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Theme Park
“Enjoy the world of pineapple and other tropical plants at Nago Pineapple Park! Not only can you learn all about the pineapple, you can also enjoy different foods made with pineapple. Great for families and couples ☆ パイナップルやトロピカルな植物の世界を楽しめるパークです。パイナップルのことについて学べる環境でありパイナップルを使った料理も味わえます。家族・カップルにおすすめ☆”
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Amusement Park
“Lush, serene nature park featuring boat & water buffalo rides, plus kayaking, a petting zoo & cafes.”
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“Admission is necessary Because it is got a grip, beach management feels relieved with children. Glass boat and a snorkel, the experience-based diving support, too.”
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“In Okinawa, we plant FUKUGI as a windbreak forest. Because growth is slow, it takes a long time to become a big tree. If grow big, it will be called a power spot.”
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“Get a quick bite before hitting the road for the day!! Their pig feet are delish!! Fresh veges and fruits are from local farmers. The most beautiful market on the water ;)”
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“アメリカンスタイルレストラン 営業24時間; Famous american style restaurant also famous tourism spot do not miss, open 24hours ”
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Place to eat
“『Maeda misaki』 It's famous for a diving spot. There is a place as a blue cave in a diving point in Maeda cape, and when I enter in the cave, I'm impressed with the scenery like the sapphire.”
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“Tour of the plant of the basic "deep red potato tart" of the Okinawa souvenir, other popular souvenirs.”
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Point of Interest
“It is near from Churaumi Aquarium, and I can go on foot and also a sightseeing car! It's really emerald color of beach!!! 美ら海水族館から近く、歩いても遊覧車でも行けます! 本当にエメラルドカラーのビーチ!”
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Restaurante italiano
“This restaurant is a 3-minute walk from here. Naples pizza baked with firewood is said to be delicious locally. There is a barbecue plan, and the sunset barbecue on a nice day is the best. Barbecue and course meals are not booked on the day, so it is recommended that you book in advance.”
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Natural Feature
“ 「古宇利島」 古宇利大橋(こうりおおはし)から両サイドに見える海は絶景です!! 「KOURIJIMA」 The sea which is visible on both sides from「KOURIJIMA KOURI bridge (Kourioohashi) is a magnificent view !! ”
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